Hi everyone ! If you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated in ages. That’s because I’ve been working on my personal portfolio/resume/blog, work full time now, and have been doing a little bit of web work for several outside clients. Since this blog mostly focuses on my college experiences, I feel I’ve grown out of it and it is time to move on. Of course, certain articles I have written on here will always be close to my heart, and I’ll keep them on and archived. Once I have a new personal blog to redirect to , I will post it here.

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COM 201: PSA

More recent assignments from Writing for Communications class that I have to post about on my blog ! It seems like these have been keeping up the majority of my posts lately. I would be posting more personal stuff if I weren’t so busy, however I am planning a creative writing/ novel-like post in the next few weeks because since Spring Break my life seems to have taken a 180. Honestly. But anyway, anyhow.

So for CO201 we had to make a PSA about an issue that was important to us. Self-esteem, body image, bullying are all things that are dear to my heart for personal reasons, but we decided to zero in on the body image one.

Hours. Literally hours at the drawing board just shouting out ideas, and sequentially rejecting them. That is how me and my partner Izzi spent most of our time working on the project. The great final idea didn’t really come along ’til today, the day before the PSA is due. Oh well, I guess the best things come to those who wait so this one should be a winner. After going through the ideas of using Disney princesses trying to fit into the “material modern world” (ie. video with a princess who looks at billboards and magazines and decides to change herself to fit in- imagine Cinderella with a spray-tan wearing Biddy clothes- yet at the end finally realizes she’s a princess and puts on her crown), and idea of eggs complaining about their looks but then realizing that they’re all the same ( by being cracked against a hot pan), and our final idea based off the quote “If you said the same things you said to your friends as you said to your body, you wouldn’t have any friends left” (Marcia Hutchinson).

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what our PSA looks like, I will be posting it in the coming week (it’s a video and a poster ).

I really would’ve had a lot of fun with this assignment had I not been crunched with a huge analytical essay for English class and a weekend full of several parties to balance it out with. But , I did have fun. Stressful fun. But it was creative and it came together, so I am happy. It’s definitely something I can use for the future if I ever start up my “Run Wild for Wildlife” charity again.

That’s all I have for this Sunday, I want a nap.
XOXO , Liv